Chic's new album 'It's About Time' pays homage to all of the stars who impacted Nile Rodgers' life.

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers

The 'Le Freak' hitmaker delayed the release of the disco group's first record in 24 years following the death of his famous friends and collaborators, Davie Bowie and Prince, and he also axed tribute songs to the music legends, causing the "narrative" of the record to shift.

Along with the late 'Starman' hitmaker and 'Purple Rain' singer, Nile thanks late King of Pop Michael Jackson - who he credits from saving him from drug addiction and resurrecting his career - Diana Ross, Madonna and Sister Sledge for making him the icon he is today.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he said: "That's what's changed the whole narrative of this album.

"It's really saying 'thank you' for helping me become myself again.

"I was shocked when Bowie passed away. It was Michael (Jackson), Bowie, Prince  . . . three people who massively affected my life."

He continued: "This is paying tribute to Bernard Edwards (his late long-time musical partner), Luther Vandross, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Madonna, everybody. It's for Sister Sledge  . . .  doing their 'We Are Family' album in 1980 was a seismic shift in my life."

Nile, 66, has previously revealed that it was 'Thriller' hitmaker Michael who saved him from his addictions by inviting him to work on his 1995 record 'HiStory'.

The 'Everybody Dance' hitmaker - who played on the song 'Money' on the seminal LP - told BANG Showbiz recently: "(It was ) 24 years ago when I'd stopped playing music for around eight months, I got a call from Michael Jackson to come down to the studio and work with him on his album 'HiStory'. He was a good friend at the time and it thanks to him that I got back into the music industry."

Nile thought his music career was over after entering rehab at the time, but Michael - who died of acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009 - wouldn't take no for an answer.

Nile recalled to the tabloid: "I was having a really bad drug problem and it was Michael who talked me into coming back to the music business. He was doing his record called 'HIStory' and he called me."

'It's About Time' - which is released on September 28 - features a whole host of stars from Sir Elton John and Lady Gaga to Craig David and Stefflon Don.