Naughty Boy believes streaming has given every artist a "fair shot".

Naughty Boy produces song for Trainline

Naughty Boy produces song for Trainline

The 'La La La' producer - whose real name is Shahid Khan - has found it "fascinating" witnessing the changes in the music industry over the years, and thinks apps like Spotify and Apple Music, and even YouTube, have given aspiring artists and producers they same opportunity as the world's biggest stars to get their music heard.

He said: "It's been fascinating watching the music industry develop over the past decade.

"Streaming gives everyone a fair shot and aspiring producers can now be recognised more easily from sharing their art online - sites like YouTube give new musicians a platform.

"On a personal level, I've got hundreds of thousands of loyal followers on my YouTube channel - knowing I'm reaching the people who care about my music as soon as I upload a video is what makes me tick."

The 33-year-old studio wizard has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Sam Smith and Emeli Sande, but he insists it's still important to "challenge" himself.

Asked what advice he would give to aspiring producers, he said: "When it comes to creating music, I'd say to always challenge yourself and think outside the box - you can get inspiration from anywhere.

"Also, make sure you take on new opportunities: I'd never have thought, after ten years in the industry, that I'd be making a track out of coach sounds. "Opportunity is around every corner."

One way he's challenged himself recently was by teaming up with Trainline to record the song 'via M40' - a track mixed with coach sounds from the app's most popular route, London to Birmingham - to launch their coach service.

Shahid managed to get some cool noises out of a hovercraft, plus seatbelt clicking, passenger chatter, toilets flushing and horns beeping, and even thinks he could make an entire album from the various sounds.

Asked if he'd like to make a record with Trainline, he replied: "Sure, I love a challenge! There are some cool noises we could get from the hovercraft."

Passengers can now book coach journeys via the Trainline app and website