Motley Crue were once given cocaine-filled silver straws for dessert.

Motley Crue

Motley Crue

The notorious rock 'n' roll hell-raisers haven't left any of their outrageous antics out of their forthcoming Netflix biopic 'The Dirt', from sleeping with one another's girlfriends, fatal overdoses and ordering 150 prostitutes to a promoter's bedroom after he told bassist Nikki Sixx to tackle his heroin addiction.

Recalling being sent the straws for dessert whilst they were in London, Nikki told The Sun newspaper: "We went to this Russian place, until 4am.

"All of a sudden eight waiters come out with silver platters, take the lids off and there's lines of cocaine with silver straws for us for dessert.

"It was era specific and when we were making the film it was important for us to shine a light on that era."

Also documented is the time the 60-year-old star - who was declared dead twice after heroin binges - sent sex workers to promoter Mr Udo's room which he was sharing with his family in Hong Kong, which was he says was a "pretty insulting" thing to have done, especially in Japan.

The musician - who is played by Douglas Booth in the movie - said: "He told me the next day that, in Japanese culture, what I did was pretty insulting."

Nikki - who is joined by Tommy Lee, Vince Neil and Mick Mars in the heavy rock group - admitted they were "animals" back in the day as they slept with each other's partners - but he claimed "so were many of the females".

Asked if it was true that they romped with their respective partners, he said: "That would be accurate. It's weird to think about that now.

"Everybody was on this reckless adventure, girls and guys, and it was all consensual which is interesting to look back at.

"Now I'm married, I'm a father of five, I have a baby on the way, I'm sober -- but looking back, it was crazy. We were animals, pigs -- and so were many of the females."

Nikki - who is set to become a father for the fifth time - says it was important the film tells the whole story and was not censored.

The rocker - who already has Gunner, 27, Storm, 24, and Decker, 23, with first wife Brandi Brandt and Frankie-Jean, 17, with second spouse Donna D'Errico - said: "We couldn't sanitise the story or you wouldn't feel it was correct film-making. You can't make it super-clean and Disney-like.

"We need to tell the whole story. So there were no punches pulled."

Drummer Tommy - who was previously married to 'Baywatch' star Pamela Anderson, with whom he has sons Dylan, 20, and Brandon, 21 - previously revealed they had group sex because sleeping with groupies got "boring".

The 56-year-old sticksman told BANG Showbiz in 2015: "At some point we got really bored [of the sex] and go 'how about two or three of them' and you just start changing it up to make it exciting. We'd run around naked at the hotel get hookers, groupies. Sticking things in their orifices, ordering room services."

He explained people who think this is "wild" have no idea because doing the "same thing" constantly was so dull, they'd have to take think of filthier ways to feed their overactive libidos.

He added: "We would do anything to break the monotony. People think it's wild but the same thing over and over again becomes boring. We would have to keep recreating."

'The Dirt' is released on Netflix on March 22.

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