Miles Kane has collaborated with Lana Del Rey and Jamie T on his new album.

Miles Kane

Miles Kane

The 32-year-old musician has opened up about his new record 'Coup De Grace', his first solo album for five years, and revealed some of the tunes he has worked on with Jamie are "upbeat and sort of punky".

He said: "It was amazing, in the first week we did about three tunes just in my apartment.

"[They have] a lot of words, which I don't usually do - that was what Jamie T was sort of encouraging me on"

Speaking about teaming up with Lana on the record - which is named after the finishing move of WWE wrestler Finn Balor - he said: "We've written a lot of songs together. One of them is on this album, and it's f***ing great."

When Miles isn't working on his solo material he can usually be found alongside Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, who he formed supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets with, but the 'Taking Over' hitmaker insists he is "not on the level" of his pal's 'Mardy Bum' band "by any stretch of the imagination".

Speaking to the London Evening Standard newspaper, he added: "We're lucky to still be able to be doing it. I guess I'm grateful for that.' He pauses. 'When you think about it, I'm not on the level they are by any stretch of the imagination.

"I've still got a very long way to go in my career. Hopefully, you get to where you want to go."

Last year, Lana revealed she and Miles - whose last solo album, 'Don't Forget Who You Are', dropped in June 2013 - had formed a band together, but they later axed the supergroup.

She said: "I've done so much with Miles. I think at first me and Miles and some of the guys in The Last Shadow Puppets were working on a side project and had our own band.

"This was December through March. I didn't have a world tour planned and they didn't have anything either cos Alex [Turner] is working on his stuff, but, after listening to the songs, I felt like the songs were probably for Miles' solo stuff.

"Him and [The Last Shadow Puppets bassist] Zach Dawes are working on that."