Mike Shinoda admitted he suffered with "anxiety" about performing again as he paid tribute to Chester Bennington at Reading Festival.

Mike Shinoda at Reading Festival

Mike Shinoda at Reading Festival

The Linkin Park star got emotional as he opened up about the passing of the frontman - who took his own life last July aged just 41 - and said he's forever "indebted" to his fans for giving him the courage to get back on stage and do what he loves as he played the main stage on Saturday (25.08.18).

Trying to hold back the tears, Mike said: "Getting up here and doing this for me is really fulfilling, and it's really an accomplishment just to kind of get over my own anxiety about doing it again.

"I'm really indebted to you guys for helping me get here. I don't think I would be able to come out and do these if not for you, so thank you so much."

The 41-year-old star added that he hopes attending shows brings some relief to those who may be going through their own battles, advising them to never feel "ashamed" by their problems.

He continued: "One thing that I've been hearing quite a bit, is how some of you guys are going through some things, and how the connection to the music helps you get through it.

"With that said I know that there are some people out there who, you know myself I want to come to a show, I want to come to a festival and have a great time, and there are other people who, they're hurting and they've got some stuff going on.

"And I want you guys to know if that's you, then don't be ashamed of that, you have no reason to be ashamed of that ever.

"If it's as simple as, you just really liked or loved Chester's singing, or you loved the band's music, or you're just dealing with your own stuff that has nothing to do with us, hopefully by coming to these shows and enjoying the music, and by engaging in this type of thing, it makes some of that bad feeling just go away."

Before performing a sombre rendition of the rock band's 2003 breakthrough hit 'In The End', the Fort Minor star instructed: "I want you guys to sing it so loud that Chester can hear you."

Mike also performed songs from his debut solo EP 'Post Traumatic', which helped him get through dealing with Chester's death.

He also later joined pop punk veterans Sum 41 on stage to perform Linkin Park's song 'Faint'.