Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence's former INXS bandmates hope they can meet his orphaned daughter one day.

The singer's little girl, Tiger Lily, was left without both her parents after the Australian singer died in 1997 and her mother, the singer's partner Paula Yates, passed away just three years later.

She has been raised by Yates' ex-husband Bob Geldof in the U.K. and has little contact with her family in Australia.

Tiger Lily, now 16, has not seen any of her father's former bandmates since she was a baby, but Inxs guitarist Tim Farriss is hoping for a reunion one day.

He says, "When the time is right, she's got a very loving uncle right here and always has. I wish I was made her godfather, but you know, when she's ready my arms are only open. Completely, 100 per cent... She's the daughter I never had. One day I'll be able to sit down with her and tell her what a great guy her father was. It's my goal in life is to see this beautiful young woman and to tell her, face-to-face what a wonderful man her father really was. How much he is loved and missed... I held her as a baby and I've held onto that memory forever.'' Farriss tells Australia's Sunday Night TV show, "(I am) really grateful to Sir Bob...

for being such a good father for Tiger Lily...

Michael hated Bob in the end so much, to think that he would end up as the sole parent of Tiger Lily would have been the most horrific thing he could have imagined.

But luckily for Tiger she had Bob at the end".

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