Metallica's Lars Ulrich is "hellbent" on playing at Coachella.



The heavy metal band - formed of Lars, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo - have talked about playing at the popular annual festival, as they want to prove to their kids they are still major rockstars.

Lars told Kerrang!: "A few years ago, I was hellbent on playing Coachella because it's the only big festival we haven't played.

"Then my kids stopped going to Coachella, so now it's not as important. A couple of years ago I really wanted to show them I could play Coachella, but now they're over it, so we'll see."

Metallica have toured across the world, and even achieved their highest attending concert with reportedly over one million people in Moscow in 1991.

However, they prefer to let fellow heavy metal band Scorpions preform gigs in different countries first to see how the audience reacts.

Lars continued: "We've never played Belarus, Bolivia, Uruguay, Honduras, El Salvador, Vietnam, and Lebanon. The joke is kind of, you send the Scorpions in first and then you see how they do. That's said with nothing but love, but the Scorpions have played in a few of these places. We just haven't had the right situation or whatever."

After forming the band in 1981 and going on to make six albums which have all debuted at number one in the charts, as well as being nominated for 23 Grammy Awards.

Lars believes there is only one thing that has kept the rockstars together for over 40 years following the departure of former members Dave Mustaine - who was fired in 1983 for classing with the other band memebers - and Jason Newsted who decided to leave in 2001 to focus on his other band Echobrain.

He added: "Compromise. That's it.

"Number two is really far down from 'compromise'."