McFly are reuniting for a one-off concert at London's The O2 arena on November 20.



The 'Obviously' hitmakers - comprised of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd - will play their debut headline show at the London venue and have also announced their plans to release new songs from the 'McFly: The Lost Songs' LP, which contains the tracks which were intended for their overdue "shelved" sixth studio LP, which will act as their first new music in nine years.

The band - whose last album was 2010's 'Above the Noise' - admitted that when supergroup McBusted - which featured all of McFly and James Bourne and Matt Willis of rival band Busted - took off they ended up on an "unplanned hiatus" in 2016 and didn't really know what the future held for the band.

Asked why they broke fans hearts during an Instagram Live announcement on Tuesday (10.09.19), Harry said: "The last time we were functioning as a band wasn't McFly it was McBusted.

"We had a really amazing time and intense couple of years of touring.

At the end of that it just kind of caught us off guard.

"McFly didn't have any plans and didn't know what to do next.

"We found that the McFly calendar was just empty and we found ourselves stumbling into his unplanned hiatus."

The four-piece also admitted that starting families and their solo commitments didn't help and admitted their "unbreakable bond" showed some "cracks" after McBusted as their "personal relationship was in the worst place" ever.

Harry explained: "McBusted was incredible, it was the most incredible experience for all six of us, but it was strange for the four of us. The dynamic did change.

"Obviously we like being in a band and it's a a bit like being married.

"I think with us, we are never good at talking about stuff. Things just build and bubble and cracks start to appear.

"After McBusted our personal relationship was in the worst place they had been in the entire 13 years we'd known each other.

"It's hard to explain it in a short amount of time...

"We had a bond for one another that we thought was unbreakable. It was a weird time."

Tom said it was like they went through marriage counselling and the comeback show is like them "renewing their vows".

He added: "It's like a marriage and a bit like we had an affair and we didn't really know how to get through that.

"We had some marriage counselling, saw some other people for a while - but ultimately we didn't get divorced.

"We knew that McFly is who we are destined to be and The O2 show took us a while to realise that and The O2 show feels like renewing our vows."

Tom also admitted that "the last three years" there had "been this huge void" in their lives.

And drummer Harry quipped that Busted's James and Matt "ruined" McFly with McBusted.

Asked about the new music, Harry said: "Good question. basically 2010 was our last studio album, so nearly 10 years since our last studio album, and then in 2011 we started writing our sixth album.

"It was really exciting times and the music felt great and we really felt like the band was having an evolution and there was writing trips, then we did some more and ended up going to Texas and recorded a whole album.

"We talked to the fans about this it was like album six, it wasn't titled at the time, it was like, 'Album six is coming, it's coming.'

"We released the first single off that album, which was 'Love Is on the Radio' - which we performed at the Royal Albert Hall - and that's when Matt and James came out and ruined everything.

"Matt and James came out and McBusted was born and that was an incredible phenomenon and we were like, 'Wow, this McBusted thing as way bigger than we ever anticipated.

"So we had to just shelve that McFly album and say we will deal with that in a couple of years.

"Then McBusted happened and here are today."

Tickets for McFly's The O2 show go on sale on Friday (13.09.19) at 9am.