Matthew Morrison would like to take part in a 'Glee' reunion concert.

Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison

The 41-year-old star - who played teacher Will Schuester in the musical drama series - doesn't think a reboot of the show would be a likely possibility but he'd love to perform with his former co-stars on stage one day.

Asked about the possibility of a reunion, he said: "I think the only thing we could do is a concert if it was benefiting a charity or something, that would be a great way to get us all together.

"I think 'Glee' happened at such a perfect time, and I don't think it could be recreated now and have the impact it had at the time.

"It was one of the shows that just hit right at the right moment."

Matthew is currently a captain on UK reality show 'The Greatest Dancer' but he isn't interested in joining the judging panel of 'Strictly Come Dancing' or 'Dancing With the Stars' because he doesn't think he's qualified to give his opinion on the performances.

Asked if he'd like a judging job, he told Britain's OK! magazine: "I would say no because I don't know that world of dance very well.

"I am a big dancer but I have never really got into the Latin and ballroom world so don't feel like I could judge it.

"I wouldn't want to put myself in that situation and have to bulls**t my way through it, I'd want to feel like I knew what I was talking about."

Though Matthew doesn't yet know if he'll be returning for a third series of 'The Greatest Dancer', he's hoping to find out soon.

He said: "I don't know if there will be one yet. We haven't heard anything.

"I think we should probably find out relatively soon.

"But I love the show and for me it's been an amazing journey."

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