The Ramones

The Ramones

Punk icon Marky Ramone insists there will never be a Ramones biopic, because he refuses to allow anyone to use his likeness in a film.

The drummer insists former bandmate Johnny Ramone's widow, Linda, who is the driving force behind a proposed new film about the band, is not qualified to oversee such a project - because she has little insight into the band and was not around when the group formed and first started performing together in New York.

They can't get it right unless there are people involved that were there in the nucleus

Ramone, real name Marc Bell, tells WENN, "There has been so much talk about movies and things like that but the family members and the second wives and the siblings, these people weren't there all the time - we didn't allow the girlfriends or the wives on tour with us, so how accurate can it be? "I don't acknowledge the family members and I don't acknowledge the new management...

They weren't there in the beginning, nurturing the group and serving what we were doing.

"I would be more interested in a film about the band's beginnings. I would prefer to see how the band started in Forest Hills and how they created the sound".

But even if that project was in the works, Marky wouldn't be a part of it - because he doesn't like how his peers have been portrayed on film.

He adds, "I wouldn't allow my image to be in it... They can't get it right unless there are people involved that were there in the nucleus. I know it would be inaccurate, like The Runaways movie; that was a good indicator of how these movies go. "They made the CBGB movie last year and the Ramones featured in that.

My character wasn't in that film.

In my opinion, when (CBGB owner) Hilly Krystal died, that's when CBGB died; how can you really make an accurate film about CBGB? It just doesn't make sense to me". And, as for Johnny Ramone's widow, who recently revealed she was in talks to turn her late husband's autobiography into a Ramones film, Marky snarls, "She's not a directorproducer; she's just a second wife.

I don't think it's (film) gonna get a greenlight".

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