Manic Street Preachers' new album "feels like an expansive record".

Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers

The rock group are currently working on a follow up to 2018's 'Resistance Is Futile' and they've teased details of what fans should expect, with Nicky Wire saying it will be "very broad".

Speaking to NME, he shared: "We've written one really brilliant Manics song called 'Orwellian'.

"We've demoed that and it feels like a bit of a signpost to where we're going. It's got a bit of an 'If You Tolerate This' retro-futurism about it. It's our shining light at the moment."

Nicky also revealed that their upcoming record has been influenced by the current cultural and political landscape.

Asked about the sound of the new album, Nicky explained: "It's very broad - it feels like an expansive record.

"'Resistance Is Futile' certainly felt more tight and 'pop' in a Manics sense. Everything was really melodic and concise. This album just feels broader. It's got a wider landscape, sonically. It's early days, but 'Orwellian' feels like the one track to guide us.

"I wouldn't call it a directly political song, but it has that element of the times that we live in."

Nicky explained that heartbreak in his personal life has also influenced his lyricism.

He reflected: "Lyrically, I'm just working things out. Since losing both my parents, I've been kind of overwhelmed at that situation. There's a deep-rooted sadness and melancholia that overhangs everything."

Away from the band, Nicky has been quietly working on his solo material.

He joked: "All I've got to do is get 500 CDs made, print off a lot of polaroids and hand-make them all."