Madness have been honoured on the Music Walk of Fame.



The ska legends have been recognised for their stellar 40-year career with a special stone on the new monument in Camden, London - where the band first started their journey - at an unveiling on Monday (02.03.20).

Speaking at the unveiling of the stone - which was attended by BANG Showbiz - frontman Suggs said: "I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in this - of course we're very proud and privileged to have this."

The 'It Must Be Love' hitmakers still hold a special place in their heart for Camden, and the 59-year-old singer suggested the opportunities the town gave emerging bands helped create a very special scene.

He added: "There were a lot of venues for bands to play. Big old Irish pubs with function rooms and that's what made people gravitate towards the music scene here. We used to watch bands every night."

Keyboardist Mike Barson was delighted with the honour - and the physical stone itself, which was presented by Dizzee Rascal - as he compared the monument to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He said: "I think it's a wonderful idea- it's a lovely stone there. Nicely designed with gold in it and all that- very nice.

"It's a fantastic idea to put Camden on the map. They've got one in Los Angeles and there's much better music here so why not?"

Meanwhile, Suggs also paid tribute to 2 Tone legends The Specials for their role in the UK ska scene, as he stood arm in arm with singer Lynval Golding.

He quipped: "I want to thank everyone involved in this. We are very proud to have had this. I'm not saying - but we did single-handedly turn Camden Town from a s***hole into one of the greatest tourist destinations on the planet....

"With the help of this man here, with the love of music and this man here... It was okay because we had this lot - The Specials. Without them, who knows, who knows?"

Last year, The Who became the first act to be honoured at the site of the new monument, and this week there will be further unveilings for Amy Winehouse (March 4) and Soul II Soul (March 6).

The 'founding stone' itself will act at a guide to the unfolding route of the walk, with big names - from artists and creatures to executives and the media - set to be recognised at the global attraction.

Over the course of each year, up to 20 stones will be laid and marked with special celebrations, with AR technology also used to turn the streets into a museum.