The Libertines have been accepted by the community since buying a hotel in Margate.

The Libertines

The Libertines

The 'Can't Stand Me Now' group's bassist Carl Barat and frontman Pete Doherty announced plans for their hotel/recording space, The Albion Rooms, last year and Carl has now revealed that the pair have been getting on "great" with locals in the Kent seaside town and have been working with various residents of the area on their venture.

Speaking on 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV' he said: "They've [Margate locals] been great actually.

"We've been using local labourers, architects and what not and I've met this designer, Leanne, she's a local girl and she's really good! I think she's going to be responsible for the final touches."

The 41-year-old rocker has met an "exodus of artists" who have made the move from London to Kent, as it's a "great community" and he feels "everything is priced out now".

He said: "Yeah, I think that at times and I meet loads of people down there a bit like me.

"But yeah, I mean there's been a tangible exodus of artists [from London].

"I meet people every week moving down there, people that are creatively minded and having a community where everything is possible a bit like what it was like in London in the noughties. Everything is priced out now.

"There's a great community down there. I really want the Albion rooms to have that kind of spirit to it and I want to do something when it's up and running a bit like - you know Josh Homme [from Queens of the Stone Age] did the desert sessions? I want to do something like that down there. "