Liam Gallagher thinks an Oasis reunion is inevitable because Noel Gallagher is "greedy".

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

The 47-year-old singer - who is eager to see the iconic band reunite - has suggested Noel won't be able to keep rejecting lucrative offers to get the group back together.

Liam said: "The geezer's ego's out of control."

Noel recently rubbished rumours he turned down £100 million to reunite with the band.

But Liam has now insisted that the money was offered to them.

He told NME: "Let me tell you this: it has been offered and he knows about it.

"He's obviously gonna say no, because he'd like to be the person to break the news to people because he's the f***ing oracle. And obviously I'm his little brother, who's doing well and I'm here to spoil the f***ing party."

Liam subsequently suggested that ultimately, his brother won't be able to reject an eye-watering sum of money forever.

The outspoken rock star claimed his brother is "greedy".

He said: "It's not been put on the table; it's just been booted around.

"It is gonna happen, believe you me - it's gonna happen very f***ing soon because he's greedy and he loves money and he knows that it's got to happen soon or it won't happen."

Liam explained that the offer was for a tour, although he's also open to recording new music with Oasis.

He said: "I'd do a record, but listen, it depends on what kind of record it is.

"If it's anything like that s**t he's putting out at the moment, I don't think anyone wants that.

"I think people would give you £100 million not to f***ing make that record, you know what I mean? They'd just go 'yeah, look, here's £100 million quid for the tour and here's another £100 million quid to not make a record like that.'"