KISS have announced a concert for sharks.



Gene Simmons and co have teamed up with Airbnb to offer eight lucky fans the chance to experience the 'Shark Rock City' show, which will be broadcast underwater for the sea giants.

The online property marketplace has claimed that sharks respond to the "low-frequency sounds of rock and roll" and so on November 18, in Port Lincoln in South Australia, they will play live on a boat for the Great White Sharks.

Fans will be able to buy tickets for the special event on October 14 via

The 'Crazy Crazy Nights' hitmakers have teamed up with Airbnb for their new Animal Experiences programme, which the company states is, "a new way to meet animals with experts who care for their welfare."

The sales from tickets will go to a welfare charity.

Those who get tickets will have to be brave enough to be submerged into the Indian Ocean to watch the performance.

Announcing the show on Twitter, the band wrote: You drive us WILD we'll drive you crazy This November, we're rockin' the boat for a one-time-only concert event for great white sharks (turns out, they're big fans too!) Limited tickets available starting October 14. More info at: (sic)"

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that KISS will headline Download Festival for the last time in 2020.

The 'Rock and Roll All Nite' group, who embarked on their final 'End of the Road World Tour' in January, will rock Donington Park's main stage one last time on June 12.

Frontman Gene said: "I've said it before, Download Festival audiences are the best.

"They are up for whatever is thrown at them.

"KISS is going to come fully prepared to rock their world in 2020 to say Thank You for always showing up for us."

Guitarist and co-vocalist Paul Stanley promised to bid farewell in spectacular style to thank their UK fans for supporting them for more than four decades.

He added: "Download will be the culmination of 47 years of unapologetic bombast and spectacle.

"We will make this a fitting farewell to a country and its people whose music remains the blood in our veins."