Paul Stanley says KISS' farewell tour will marry "the most modern technology" with an "emotional component".



The 66-year-old guitarist has teased fans they will get "very emotional" on the band's forthcoming 'End of the Road' run of shows, and insisted the group will "leave the touring circuit like no other band".

He said: "This is going to marry technology - the most modern technology - with an emotional component. Because this is a retrospective.

"This isn't us going on another tour - this is going out there and sharing an evening with people who have impacted our lives as much as we've impacted theirs.

"What's always made KISS different than most bands is the reciprocity, what we share with people.

"So there's an emotional component, but make no mistake: if explosions are emotional, you're gonna be very emotional, because the lights, the sound, the pyro, the lasers - we've got it all this time, and we will leave the touring circuit like no other band."

Paul claims fans who come and see one of their farewell gigs will leave "dazzled, blinded, and deafened", and he insists some supporters will depart their shows wishing they had seen the group earlier in their careers.

Speaking on 'Extra', he added: "We get to go around the world, say 'thank you' to the people who have seen us before, and also let people who haven't seen us know this is the last chance.

"You're gonna regret that you haven't come onboard sooner. But I'll tell you one thing, you're gonna leave dazzled, blinded, deafened and just a part of this KISS world."

KISS - who are also made up of Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer - announced the first 44 dates of their tour earlier this week, revealing they will kick off the run of gigs with a show on January 31 in Vancouver, Canada.