Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas revealed he'll be taking part in the next series of The Celebrity Apprentice by uploading a photo of him and fellow cast members.

The photograph was published online by Jonas on Monday March 24 and it was swiftly deleted, but not before celebrity blogger Perez Hilton made a copy which he has since uploaded to his website.

The self-taken image shows Jonas and several other celebrities set to star in the show, including actor Ian Ziering, TV host Geraldo Rivera, and sports star Terrell Owens, gathered together and grinning at the camera.

Jonas also hinted at his involvement with the programme in a series of posts on Monday, in which he asked fans in New York to turn out for a special event on Tuesday March 25 at one of the city's Pie Face restaurants.

He writes, "I am on a major television show that raises money for charity! I need you to show up at Pie Face! 469 7th ave NY NY tomorrow at 1125 - 230... Bring cash and make a donation!!!!!... I need your help".

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