James Blake

James Blake

James Blake has been reached out to by Kanye West in relation to collaborating on some new material.

The in-demand electronic music star reveals he has been in touch with West in recent weeks, but he is only willing to make the duet happen if they can find the time to hit the studio together, instead of exchanging their work online while the Stronger hitmaker is on tour.

Blake tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I have been in contact with him... You know, the way that I like to work is bare bones and personal. I think because Kanye's such an accomplished producer, if I was to work with him, then I think we could do something together, and just together (in the same place), you know?" West isn't the only hip-hop artist Blake is in contact with - he recently moved into a house in Los Angeles with Chance The Rapper so they can work on new music, while he is also in talks with Drake about another potential project.

However, Blake is not ready to share any information about the collaborations.

The 2013 winner of Britain's prestigious Mercury Prize says, "Honestly, I spend so much f**king time talking about Kanye West and Chance and Drake. People ask me so much about it, but... all I can say is we'll see and watch this space but there's things coming. I'm really excited".

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