The Jonas Brothers say it took "a long time to crack the code" of the music industry.

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers

The 'Hello Beautiful' hitmakers rose to fame at a young age and urged others who were planning on doing the same to just "get out there" and play and rehearse.

Joe said: "We just got out there and played and I think it's something that we try to tell a lot of young artists when they ask us for advice. Just get out there and play and rehearse. For us, it started organically with Nick. He was doing a solo record. Somebody heard us and thought we'd be good as a band so it kind of started really fast but it took a long time to crack the code."

Whilst Nick added: "I would say in addition to the love of music, I think you also have to be conscious of just how scary it can be to have a young person in this business in general because when it's purely just about the music and the love of music, that's one thing. But when you add all the other elements, it can go south very quickly so I think I would encourage my kids and our kids to follow their passion but know that we're going to do our best to be good parents within that and sometimes, it means setting some boundaries."

The musical trio are currently in the midst of their 'Happiness Begins' world tour and touring now has a different dynamic to when they were younger because of their relationships and families.

Kevin told E! News: "We've definitely taken a couple of red eyes that last couple of weeks. I think you just have to make it work. Everyone's busy. Everyone has their own schedule. Each one of our relationships is very different in its own way and I try and do the best I can to get home and see the girls anytime I can. It's important. When they were out on the road for most of the summer before school started, it was fantastic. It was like a giant playground for them."