Jamie T had to "fight" to make the music he wanted to make.

Jamie T

Jamie T

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter admits that his music has evolved over the years, and Jamie believes he's earned the right to make the music he's always wanted to.

He said: "I think that I've had to fight for that - the privilege to be able to do whatever I want.

"People always want you to do a certain type of thing, but I've always wanted to do something different. I feel like a lot of artists get caught in that. Not just solo artists - bands, too."

Jamie said that even the likes of David Bowie will have had to go through the same process in order to realise their long-term ambition.

He told MusicFeeds.com.au: "I'm sure even someone like Bowie had it at some point. There are times where I do wish it was a band - you can take certain liberties if it's just a band name and not just your own name.

"Still, I guess when you're in a position like mine, there's no-one to tell you you're wrong. You've got no-one to fall out with but yourself - the problem there is that it could actually happen!"

Jamie performs with a band these days, but initially performed solo with an acoustic bass. He admits that his record label were initially unaware of his ambitions.

He said: "When I got signed, the record label had no idea that I had any greater ambition to make something with a full-band sound.

"I've come a long way since then, but it's definitely something I'd be interested in doing it again. I miss that rapport you have with an audience when you're on your own - there's something really fun about that."

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