James Blunt was nervous about his father's reaction to his new song 'Monsters'.

James Blunt

James Blunt

The 45-year-old singer wrote the song for his dad, Colonel Charles Blount, who has kidney disease and is waiting for a transplant but James admitted he was worried about how his father would feel about the song.

He told the Daily Express newspaper: "I stumble with normal words and I struggle to have certain conversations with my father.

"So I wrote this song called 'Monsters' and it says, 'I'm not your son. You're not my father. We're just two grown men saying goodbye, no need to forgive, no need to forget and I know your mistakes and you know mine'.

"It was hard when I first had to play the song to him and I stuck headphones on him, pressed play and walked out of the room. I was nervous about his reaction and I hoped he would take it in the right way and, afterwards, he put his hand on my knee. It was quite a moving moment between us."

James also praised Sir Elton John for his support and said he wouldn't have a career if it wasn't for the veteran star.

He said: "Elton is one of the greatest supporters of mine and without the opportunities he has given me, I don't think you and I would be speaking right now.

"He owns the management firm who took me on and I am with the same manager now as I was then and he used to be Elton's day-to-day manager.

"When we met, the first gig I ever played was to 50 people, the second gig I played was to 50,000 people and then Elton took me on tour throughout the UK and South America. He has been a great mentor and support so I'm super lucky to know him."

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