Jack White's band The Raconteurs plan to release their first new album in ten years.

Jack White

Jack White

The group - which also includes Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler - have confirmed they are currently working on their first new record in more than a decade, and they plan to release the long-awaited album in 2019.

The Raconteurs' last studio album was 'Consolers of the Lonely', which was released in March 2008.

And the band's Third Man Records has just released two new songs from their recent sessions alongside a reissuing of their most-recent album.

The 'Consolers of the Lonely' reissue has been remastered from the original tapes and pressed on copper foil vinyl.

Meanwhile, Jack previously revealed he considers it an artist's responsibility to "show something that no one else is doing".

The 43-year-old star - who is best known for his work with The White Stripes - explained his outlook while discussing the rise of digital music.

He shared: "If it was 1999 and I was asked: 'What do you think about digital music?', it was my job to say: 'Is that what everyone else is doing? Then I don't like it.'

"If the world had been into analogue, I would've said I loved digital. As an artist it is your job not to take the easy way out. I want to be turned on when I listen to an artist speak: I want them to show something that no one else is doing."