Jack White expects his new album will "upset" people.

Jack White

Jack White

The 42-year-old singer is preparing to release 'Boarding House Reach' and he knows the diverse record - which features funk, psychedelia, spoken word and electro - won't please his entire fan base but it was something he "had to" put out.

He said: "I know that certain thigns will upset people.

"It's hard to say, 'Man, I know that some people are going to have problems with it but I still have to put it out.' "

But Jack isn't too worried as he knows his fan base will always change, so the most important thing is for him to like the record.

He added: "I don't know what it feels like to dislike one of your own albums.

"So far, every time I've felt like I'm pushing myself in a new direction.

"The public might be along for the ride for certain moments but I'm very happy with that number fluctuating."

And the former White Stripes singer has never really been sure where he fits within the music world.

He said: "I'm too strange for mainstream, I'm too mainstream for underground, I'm too this for that.

"If 16 year olds run the Internet and popular perception, what does a 16 year old think is cool right now?

"The last time I put out an album, that 16 year old was 12! So of course he or she can't be blamed for thinking, 'Who the f**k is Jack White?' "

The 'Lazaretto' singer also can't understand why people spend so much time trying to decode his lyrics.

He told Q magazine: "People take songs too literally.

"There's a perception that everyone is supposed to know exactly who this song is about, which sounds like death to me.

"Why would you want everybody to know that?"