Jack White loves playing drums more than anything else he does.

Jack White

Jack White

The 43-year-old musician has a number of positions in various different bands but he gets the most pleasure from being in The Dead Weather because he gets to play percussion.

He said: "I'm the drummer in [The Dead Weather] so it's a totally different role for me. I get to be made fun of. Spat on.

"I gotta say, out of everything that I do, I probably enjoy playing drums the most of anything, recording or playing, because I grew up thining I was only going to be a drummer so that's all I did my whole childhood and was all I cared about.

"Guitar was sort of like, 'Really? I'll play it if I have to.'

"That's why I became a songwriter when I worked in the upholstery shop with another drummer (Brian Muldoon, The Upholsterers bandmate). He only played drums so I had to play guitar.

"So I enjoy drums the most, but that doesn't mean that's the thing I'm best at. What you enjoy is seldom what you're good at."

The 'Steady As She Goes' hitmaker keeps taking up new hobbies and has had so many that he can't even remember the pastimes he's had.

He told Q magazine: "Week by week for me.

"I have collections of things that I've forgotten about over the past decade. But carpentry has become my new thing recently."

But one pursuit Jack has never been good at is cooking.

He admitted: "I cannot cook. I have no talent for that."

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