Iggy Pop wants to perform "behind a screen" with Underworld.

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

The 'Lust for Life' singer has teamed up with the 'Born Slippy' hitmakers for four-track EP 'Teatime Dub Encounters' and though he'd like to sing the songs live one day, he's "tired" of people looking at him.

He said: "Some time, some day, I would like to sit in the dark behind a screen and do the live vocals while they play. I would love to do that.

"But I'm just tired. I'm tired of people looking at me all the time. What I enjoy most in my life are my secret hours.

"So probably if I ever did this live with these guys, it'll be when they're somewhere where they've got room for an extra hand for bridge or whatever and I can go behind.

"Maybe I could have one guy, like, with a cell phone in my face and nobody could see me."

Underworld - comprising Karl Hyde and Rick Smith - don't mind having no set plans to perform with Iggy because they think the unpredictability brings a special "magic" to their shows.

Karl told Q magazine: "The magic comes back into you.

"We're supposed to be making magic, we're supposed to be surprising people.

"Very often it's about taking away the surprise, it's about broadcasting upfront, 'What's it going to be about?' 'Tell me, how is it going to be great?' 'What are you going to do in your show?'

"Look, just turn up and I promise you we'll deliver a surprise."

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