Mr Hudson mixes tracks for Smirnoff

Mr Hudson mixes tracks for Smirnoff

Mr Hudson wanted Idris Elba's fictional character Luther to lay some vocals on his new track.

The singer-songwriter - who is signed to Kanye West's record label GOOD Music - became determined to enlist the actor-and-DJ on his comeback song, 'Step Into the Shadows', after watching him in hit British detective drama 'Luther'.

He said: "I made a decision on this album. I said I'm not going to make that American-orientated record. I thought, 'Who is the most quintessentially London person?' And I just thought Luther!

"I didn't know Idris ... I thought, 'I want Luther on this record.' I'd got back to London, watching these DVDs, and I thought, 'I want that guy, he'd suit the record.'

"I hit him up and he came to the studio the next day."

Mr Hudson, who released his debut album 'Straight No Chaser' in 2009, also revealed his decision to make a grittier, British-sounding album was supported by his American label boss, Kanye.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think he's always just wanted me to do what I do. A snail's got to leave its trail; you've to follow your heart. I think he's always liked it when I've scared myself creatively and when I do something he hasn't heard before - that's why he signed me.

"Hopefully, the next record, I'll still have the luxury of going to America with the GOOD Music guys, but right now, I wanted to make a London statement."

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