Howard Donald likes chocolate too much to have a six-pack.

Take That

Take That

The 50-year-old singer wishes he still had the physique he did 20 years ago but enjoys indulging in his favourite foods too much to maintain a toned torso.

The Take That star said: "I actually don't think I'll ever have [a six-pack] again. When I look at those pictures of the 1995 tour, we all had one

"But I will never have that body again, because I like my chocolate. I can't be like Gary - he's amazing with his food, really balanced.

"I like my Wagamamas, my Byrons, Cadbury - that's why I'll never have a six-pack."

While Howard may not be in the physical shape he'd like to be, he's still very fit and able to push himself hard.

Asked if he can still backflip, he said: "Yeah."

His disbelieving bandmate Gary Barlow said: "Can you? No way? When was the last back flip you did?"

Howard replied: "I'm always on the trampoline with my daughter, so I do back and front somersaults."

But his other bandmate, Mark Owen, was concerned his friend could be left injured by the feat.

He said in a recent joint interview: "Are you not worried about knocking your teeth out? I bounce on the trampoline and think 'Oh I could so feel like doing a front somersault' but I'm worried about landing and smashing my teeth with my knees."

Howard replied: "I'm not worried about that - I'm more worried about landing on my neck."

And the 'Never Forget' hitmaker admitted his days in Take That will come to an end once he's unable to dance any more.

He said: "I want to dance - coming off tour you feel so fit and amazing.

"I just think it would be so substandard if we got onstage and were just behind mic stands. That's not us

"It would be time to call it a day for me once that started happening."