Haim says it is "tough asserting their power" in the music industry.

'If I Could Change Your Mind' hitmakers Haim

'If I Could Change Your Mind' hitmakers Haim

The 'If I Could Change Your Mind' hitmakers - which includes sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim - has slammed the unfair standards on women in the industry and admits they have to deal with sexism a lot.

Alana said: "I grew up listening to Tom Petty's 'You Got Lucky', where the whole theme is, 'You're lucky to be with me'. I never really heard a song that said that from a woman's perspective. Being a woman in a power position and dating someone, in my experience, is hard. You need a man who's strong enough, to paraphrase Sheryl Crow."

And Danielle added: "We deal with that a lot - not even in dating, but just being the chairwomen of our company. Asserting our power - sometimes it's tough."

Alana recalled a particular incident where she was mistaken for another band's groupie rather than a performer herself.

She told Rolling Stone magazine: "I got on a golf cart this one time and the guy said, 'Miss, get off.' I said, 'I play in Haim.' He said, 'Never heard of you, please get off.' Is that how you look at me, for real? I couldn't possibly be playing - I must be someone's girlfriend. I was like, 'I'm wearing puppy pyjamas, bruh. You don't wanna f**k with me!'"

Meanwhile, Alana previously teased what fans can expect from their new album, which is slated for release in 2017.

She shared: "There's a lot of cooks in the kitchen anyway. There's three perfectionists in our band, and to add any more people would be too much of a party ...

"We write everything, we play everything, and we help produce everything. These things take time, and we refuse to put out anything we're not 100 percent in love with ...

"To get to 'Days Are Gone', it took us seven years. We are super excited for the next chapter, to just tour our hearts out and really hit the ground running in 2017. You don't even know what's coming for you. I'm warning you. You. Don't. Even. Know."

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