HAIM have asked fans to guess the name of their new album.

HAIM sisters

HAIM sisters

The girl group - which is made up of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim - took to social media to set a little challenge for their fans ahead of the unveiling of the LP's name on Monday (02.03.20).

Taking to their official social media platforms, they said: "what's the name of our 3rd album? winner gets this shirt. answer coming tomorrow p.s. if you make us laugh a shirt might come your way too (sic)"

The trio have been sharing new branding featuring the phrase "WIMPIII" on all their social media, including on the t-shirt up for grabs.

Meanwhile, HAIM previously admitted it is "tough asserting their power" in the music industry and they have to deal with sexism a lot.

Alana said: "I grew up listening to Tom Petty's 'You Got Lucky', where the whole theme is, 'You're lucky to be with me'. I never really heard a song that said that from a woman's perspective. Being a woman in a power position and dating someone, in my experience, is hard. You need a man who's strong enough, to paraphrase Sheryl Crow."

Danielle added: "We deal with that a lot - not even in dating, but just being the chairwomen of our company. Asserting our power - sometimes it's tough."

Alana recalled a particular incident where she was mistaken for another band's groupie rather than a performer herself.

She shared: "I got on a golf cart this one time and the guy said, 'Miss, get off.' I said, 'I play in Haim.' He said, 'Never heard of you, please get off.' Is that how you look at me, for real? I couldn't possibly be playing - I must be someone's girlfriend. I was like, 'I'm wearing puppy pyjamas, bruh. You don't wanna f**k with me!'"

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