George Lucas

George Lucas

The project has been billed as the world's foremost museum dedicated to the power of the visual image

George Lucas has turned his attentions to the city of Chicago, Illinois as he continues his search for a site for his art museum.

The Star Wars moviemaker had originally hoped to build the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum in San Francisco, California, but the plans were rejected by local officials who deemed the proposed building "too big" and "inappropriate".

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has since reached out to Lucas and offered to help him find a site, so the search has now turned to the Windy City.

Spokesperson for the museum project David Perry tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "George said, 'Chicago has approached us and we're going to speak seriously with them.' And that's when we started speaking seriously. The mayor's office has said, 'We are very interested in finding a possible site for you in Chicago.' George is very excited that Chicago understands the educational and philanthropic gift this museum represents... "We are looking for Chicago to tell us where they would like us to be...

Chicago is George Lucas' second home and, most important, Chicago came to us and said, 'We'd love to have you here.' It's nice to be asked". The project has been billed as the "world's foremost museum dedicated to the power of the visual image" and will feature Lucas' personal collection of artwork, as well as exhibitions focusing on film design, fashion, special effects and comic book illustrations.