Gemma Collins has signed a record deal with Universal Music Group.

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

The 38-year-old reality TV star has been working with producer Naughty Boy - who previously collaborated with Beyonce - on her new music and is preparing to release her first single later this year.

According to Dan Wootton's column in The Sun Newspaper, Gemma's new music deal will prevent her from taking part in Simon Cowell's 'Celebrity X Factor' as 'X Factor's contract is with rival record label Sony.

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Gemma had written a heartbreak tune, 'Come Home', inspired by her on/off relationship with James 'Arg' Argent, and Naughty Boy, 34, has tipped her to make it big in the music industry.

He said: "She was born to sing, it's just that she's actually taken a different route with it.

"But I think Gemma is going to have one of the biggest songs of the year, I can say that with my hand on my heart.

"It's definitely a romantic song and Gemma's got such a big heart, it makes a lot of sense of her whole life right now."

Naughty Boy had "instant synergy" with Gemma when he was introduced to her at the BRIT Awards earlier this year, and he has believed she is going to be a "superstar" ever since she sang him a version of Beyonce's 'Running'.

He added: "She sung me a part of 'Running', the Beyonce song, and when she sung me that, I was thinking, 'This girl can actually sing, she's got a personality and she's got a following. This is the new age superstar.

"When people hear the music and hear her voice, I think it's going to take her up a notch.

"I don't consider Gemma a reality TV person, I consider her a superstar."

This latest attempt to release a song isn't Gemma's first time in a studio.

Last year, she stepped into the recording booth to perform a cover of 'Everybody's Free to Feel Good' by Rozalla to promote MTV's new reality show 'ReFreshers Week', and admitted she would love to release an album one day.

She said: "I've come out of my mother's you-know-what singing ... I would like to do an album, I would like a Christmas number one, I'm not gonna lie."