Gary Barlow loves performing so much, he'd tour for free.

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow

The 47-year-old singer is gearing up for a new run of solo shows because he "can't wait" for his Take That bandmates, Mark Owen and Howard Donald, to be ready to get back out on stage again as he loves connecting with his fans.

He admitted: "I can't help myself. I can't wait two more years. I have to get out there.

"To be honest, I'd go on stage for nothing, because for two hours I'm just there with the audience. No phone. No urgent messages. Now it almost feels like an escape. Just don't tell anyone that I'd do it for free."

But the 'Patience' hitmaker - who has children Daniel, 17, Emily, 15, and nine-year-old Daisy, with wife Dawn - admitted he needs to take some time out after pushing himself with work on his music, a new autobiography and musical 'The Band'.

He said: "I need to take a year off. A year's sabbatical to be at home or to do things I've always wanted, like go to Iceland and take photographs of the landscapes or go to a bucket list of places with Dawn and the kids."

However, Gary insists he'd never be tempted to give it up for good.

Asked if he's ever tempted to retire, he told Event magazine: "Never. That is never going to happen."

In the meantime, the 'Open Road' singer has taken up yoga and meditation to help him relax.

He quipped: "I always thought I was too northern for meditation, but it really helps me."

Though Take That are now a three-piece, with Jason Orange departing in 2014 and Robbie Williams - who first quit the group in 1995 - leaving again in 2012 after a three-year temporary stint, Gary will never rule out the possibility of all five of them getting back on stage again in the future.

He said: "As long as we are all alive there is a chance.

"I never thought it would happen when Rob came back, but it did. So you just have to see what happens."

Gary was in touch with both Robbie and Jason while working on 'The Band', which is based on the music of Take That, and regularly sent them footage of the production.

He recalled: "We'd do workshops and I'd send out videos and clips. I'd get notes back from everyone. Robbie would just say, 'More of me!'. But that's Rob."