Gary Barlow is preparing a solo record of original songs featuring an orchestra.

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow

The Take That star has revealed his as-yet-untitled album will be released in autumn 2020.

He told fans on Twitter: "There's new music in the air.I'm happy to announce a new solo record for the Autumn of 2020. I've done so much in my career but the one thing I've never recorded is a record with an orchestra. Original songs with big contemporary orchestral arrangements. I better be off then .... (sic)"

The new record will be his first solo outing since 2013's 'Since I Saw You Last', which debuted at number two in the Official UK Chart.

Gary recently teased fans about his idea for new solo tunes.

He said: "It's been a long time since I've had to think about what's next for me.

"It's been nice to have the time & peace to work it out.

"I'm following what my heart's telling me. I type this while sat at my piano... (sic)"

Since Take That reformed in 2005, Gary, 48, has previously gone on two tours on his own, in 2014, in support of 'Since I Saw You Last', and last year during some downtime from the band.

Take That wrapped their 'Greatest Hits Live Tour' in June, and although they are getting some much needed family time, they will be back for the next "chapter" in a "few" years time.

Howard Donald - who completes the current line-up with Mark Owen - said: "We're going to rest for a bit and not even think about any other tours or albums.

"This is the end of Part Two and when we feel like it, we can come back and start talking again about where we want to go next, rather than having the pressure of coming straight out of a tour and thinking, 'Right come the middle of the year we've got to start writing another album and go over to LA and do this and do that'.

"It's actually really nice, because we've all got big families and we want to spend time with them rather than saying 'We're only going to stay with them 'til August and then we've got to go over to LA and do another album'.

"It's nice to say we know we've got another few years."