Franz Ferdinand want to "savour" their lazy moments and let themselves switch off.

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand

The 'Take Me Out' rockers penned the track 'Lazy Boy' for their latest album 'Always Ascending' - which was released last month - and have opened up about the inspiration behind the lyrics, as well as the importance of switching off.

Speaking to Amazon Music during a song-by-song breakdown of the new record, the band said: "It's great to savour those moments in our lives, whether we're working, or with people or even are fiddling on our phones, there's always something distracting us. It's good to enjoy a bit of laziness ... and how refreshing it can be."

The band have also addressed the issues with social media and the impact it can have on people.

Opening up about 'Academy Award', the group - which features Dino Bardot, Alex Kapranos, Julian Corrie, Paul Thomson and Bob Hardy - explained: "This song is about the fact these days everybody these days has a camera in their hand, the isolating effects of social media, and how we're all performing in a way, we're all sort of acting and trying to portray ourselves having as much of a good time as possible."

The group are happy to get political, too, as they admitted to looking at the current landscape in the US on new tune 'Huck & Him'.

They said: "As we were playing the music for the chorus, to us it sounded really American.

"We looked at America and when this song was being written we saw that the Affordable Care Act was being dismantled and that made us a little sad because we see what a great thing the NHS is and how in a way you can measure a civilisation on how you look after the weak, the sick and the poor in your society."

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