Frank Turner doesn't care what people think about his background.

Frank Turner

Frank Turner

The 'Way I Tend To Be' singer - who was offered a scholarship to attend a private school when he was younger - doesn't think upbringing should impact on artists' "ability to engage" and can't understand why some people find it a problem.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I'm an egalitarian, so I don't think somebody's start in life or class barrier or however you want to put it should affect their ability to engage if that's what they feel driven to do in their life, but it obviously does.

"I occupy a slightly weird middle ground because I got a scholarship to a private school, so I can see both sides.

" I thought James Blunt had a point when he said the music industry is one of very few avenues impacted by private education."

Despite his "middle ground" upbringing, the 34-year-old singer couldn't care less what people think of him in relation to his educational background.

He added: "The music industry is full of people who want to call me a **** because of where I went to school. But I've grown out of giving a f**k about that.

"But then James Blunt f***ed up by saying his alternative in life is to become a stockbroker. So I think it's a difficult debate, I don't think there's a simple and easy answer to it."