Este Haim is fed up with people mocking her bass face.



The 33-year-old Haim star and her siblings and bandmates - Alana, 37, and 30-year-old Danielle - have hit out at sexism in the music industry, with the former calling out those who have ever dealt her a "backhanded compliment" about how her face feels the music when she performs.

Este - whose bass face has been subjected to many memes on the internet - bemoaned: "I get, 'I love that you don't care what you look like when you play. I love that you don't care what your face looks like when you play. I love that about you.

"God, thank you SO MUCH".

"Like, F***. YOU."

The 'Summer Girl' hitmaker added how no one would dare tell John Mayer that he looks "ugly" or any other male artist.

She added: "That's like a veiled way of saying you're ugly or something.

"They wouldn't say it to a dude, who's feeling the music when he's playing.

"Like, 'You look ugly when you play.' You'd never say it to John Mayer when he's like "bleugh" when he's playing, you know what I mean?"

Alana - who plays guitars, keyboards and sings - also says she often gets people tell her how surprised they are that she can play her instrument so well considering she is a woman.

She added to "People give us backhanded compliments, like, 'Oh, wow, you can really play.

"It's like, 'What? What the f*** else would I be doing?'"

Meanwhile, the girls recently explained their latest single 'Now I'm In It' is about "spiralling into depression".

Danielle shared in depth how their battle with their mental health and being "stuck in a dark hole" inspired the emotional song.

Alongside screenshots from the music video for the track, Danielle wrote on the band's Instagram page: "now i'm in it is about going through it.

a depression. not leaving the house type of s***. for my sisters and i, there have been times in our lives where we have felt like we are stuck in a dark hole. this track speaks to that emotion.

the track is chaotic- like my mind when i'm spiraling. fast-talking to myself- words jumbled up. heartbeat racing. these times are hard to forget and even harder to work through.... (sic)"

The vocalist and guitarist added how she has had to "deal with some s***" over the past few years and she hopes speaking out about her battle with depression will help any of their fans going through similar struggles.

She continued: "after being constantly on the go the past couple years, i didn't wanna stop and deal with some s***. also, every day my sisters and i feel so f***ing lucky that we get to do this for a living!!! it seemed like stopping and dealing with these emotions would be letting everyone down. but every time I've been depressed- it takes me accepting that I need help, to start to get out of it. it's gotten a little easier as i have gotten older to recognize the symptoms and remind myself that when this happens, i need to seek help. (shout out to my therapist!!) anyway, we all know it's important to talk about this stuff. this one poured out of us. take care of yourself. be nice to yourself. and thank the ones around you that help u everyday. hope this helps anyone who is in it right now coming Oct 30 (sic)"

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