Glastonbury co-organiser Emily Eavis has vowed to make the festival's line-up "as close to" 50/50 gender-balanced as possible.

Michael and Emily Eavis

Michael and Emily Eavis

Worthy Farm's 50th anniversary edition next year will see Diana Ross perform on the Sunday afternoon Legend's slot, and Emily has promised there will be plenty more females on the bill, though she claimed there aren't as many headline-worthy women as their are male to pick from.

She told Music Week magazine: "It's important we go as close to 50-50 as we can.

"It's as important to have females on the bill as much as men but the pool - certainly on the headliner front - is not as big.

"So we have to work on that as an industry and nurture all these women coming through."

Emily previously claimed that she and her father Michael Eavis - who share the task of overseeing the line-up - were keen to address the gender "imbalance" of artists on the bill on the main stage by targeting a huge list of big stars that they are keen to get involved.

She said: "Every booking Glastonbury make is conscious, we're trying to address the imbalance.

"We've got a way to go, there are areas of the festival that have

50/50 (gender representation) like The Park last year.

"But The Pyramid obviously isn't and we're working on it."

Meanwhile, in other Glastonbury-related news, Biffy Clyro called Fleetwood Mac "cheeky b*****ds" this week for turning down the world famous extravaganza.

The 'Many of Horror' rockers can't believe the legendary group have snubbed an offer to headline the 50th anniversary of the iconic Worthy Farm event in June 2020 over money.

Frontman Simon Neil said: "Look at Fleetwood Mac. There's not enough money for them, those cheeky b*****ds!

"It is such a shame isn't it? It's not in the spirit of Glastonbury, it's not about the money. If the Rolling Stones can do it, Kanye did it, U2, and you're telling me Fleetwood Mac can't? F*** it, no way."

Emily has ruled out the 'Go Your Own Way' hitmakers from making an appearance, and an insider previously claimed the money on offer was the issue.

The source said: "Michael Eavis is a huge fan and really, really wanted to make it work. He knew getting them on board for the 50th anniversary would be extra special and conversations were positive.

"They even hinted at it on stage when they played Wembley in June, joking to fans they still had, 'a big field to play at a rained-out festival in England next year'.

"But ultimately, while Mick Fleetwood was up for it with the money on offer, other members didn't feel it was worthwhile."