Dizzee Rascal has slammed Radiohead for not getting the same "response" he got during their Glastonbury headline slot earlier this year.

Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal

The 32-year-old rapper has previously expressed a wish to headline the iconic music festival held at Worthy Farm, Somerset, and has now slammed both Radiohead and Gorillaz - who headlined in 2010 - for not getting the crowds as excited as he did when he was forced to play on a smaller stage at the same time.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper about his desire to headline Glastonbury, the 'Bonkers' hitmaker said: "What more have I got to do now? Because, sorry Gorillaz did not get the reaction I got. They're not as big as me, they've not done as much as me culturally, know what I mean? And, not being funny, but that set was sleepy.

"Not to be rude, right, but I was on another stage while Radiohead headlined [this year] and they did not get the response I got. Let's just be honest, if we're gonna be doing that?"

Dizzee's comments come after he said in an interview shortly after his performance this year that Glastonbury's organiser Emily Eavis "needs" to book him as a headliner.

The 'Dance Wiv Me' musician - whose real name is Dylan Kwabena Mills - said: "They need to have me headline this thing. They've had no British rappers headline this festival ... You can always count on me. Put me on that main stage."

Meanwhile, Dizzee recently claimed he invented the grime genre, and says 'Big For Your Boots' hitmaker Stormzy has told him he's been a big influence on his music.

He said: "I get people moaning like, 'Ah, you're trying to come back to grime, now?' What are you talking about? I was making grime before anyone else.

"That's not something that's even really out there as a fact, but at the same time you've got people like Stormzy bigging me up, saying that I'm the one who influenced him. And you can hear it."

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