Diana Ross has announced her first album in 15 years.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross

As a thank you to her loyal following, the former Supremes star is set to release the 13-track LP 'Thank You' via the iconic Decca label this autumn.

The 'Endless Love' singer has also shared the album's title track to give fans a taste of what's to come.

It marks the 'I'm Coming Out' hitmaker's first collection of new material since 2006's 'I Love You'.

She said: "This collection of songs is my gift to you with appreciation and love. I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to record this glorious music at this time."

Ross co-wrote each song with the music industry's top songwriters - including Jack Antanoff, Amy Wadge, Jimmy Napes, Troy Miller, Freddie Wexler, and Tayla Parx - who all have equally as impressive CVs.

The music legend added: “I dedicate this songbook of love to all of you, the listeners. As you hear my voice you hear my heart.

'Let Love Lead the Way.'"

In 2019, Ross teased that her next album will be upbeat because she doesn't want to "sing the blues".

She said at the time: "I'm getting ready to go in the studio and do another album and I want to do songs from where I am at - is that the right English? - at this point in time in my life because I feel so incredibly grateful and appreciative of you.

"I don't want to sing the blues. I want to sing songs that really speak to you and where I'm at at this time in my life, and optimism, and positive."

The 77-year-old icon was due to perform the Sunday afternoon Legend's slot at Glastonbury last year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and also embark on the 'Top Of The World Tour'.

The run was rescheduled for June and July 2021, but owing to the continued restrictions, Ross has pushed back the tour until 2022.

Ross hasn't performed in the UK since the 2007 'I Love You Tour'.

The track-listing for 'Thank You' is:

1. 'Thank You'

2. 'If the World Just Danced'

3. 'All Is Well'

4. 'In Your Heart'

5. 'Just In Case'

6. 'The Answers Always Love'

7. 'Let’s Do It'

8. 'I Still Believe'

9. 'Count On Me'

10. 'Tomorrow'

11. 'Beautiful Love'

12. 'Time To Call'

13. 'Come Together'

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