David Guetta "doesn't really care" about making hits.

David Guetta

David Guetta

The French DJ has sold over nine million albums and 30 million singles worldwide and he recently started releasing music under his alternate name Jack Back in a bid to get back to his house roots.

The 'When Love Takes Over' hitmaker has admitted that he "suffered from the pressure" that comes with being famous.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Guetta - who recently re-released his 2004 track 'Stay (Don't Go Away)' with British star Raye - said: "I don't really care as much about just making hits.

"Between Jack Back and 'Stay', which is a record I really love with Raye singing on it - who is not super famous - and it also being a house music record, has made me super happy.

"I did suffer from the pressure of it all. They say you are only as good as your last hit.

"So every time you don't have a hit you have less chance of having another hit in the future.

"In the pop industry, people only want to work with artists that are hot."

Guetta - who is hosting his 'F*** Me I'm Famous' residency at Hï Ibiza this summer - missed making tracks with a "simple, dirty groove" for fun, which is what he does when he works under Jack Back.

He said: "It's amazing not to have the pressure making records as Jack Back.

"When you get successful then people expect you only to come with hits and you know, I'm a DJ so sometimes I just want to make a good groove that I will play at six in the morning and make records for the DJs in the clubs because this is how I started.

"I was lucky that my music crossed over but sometimes I was missing just a simple, dirty groove."

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