Claire Richards isn't chasing chart hits as she knows she can't compete with today's pop stars.

Claire Richards

Claire Richards

The Steps star says despite signing with Sony Music for her debut solo LP 'My Wildest Dreams', it's more meaningful to her that her fans can relate to the messages behind her collection of heartfelt power ballads than having a song in the top 10.

In an exclusive interview with BANG showbiz, she said: "I don't think you can really (compete) because then you just get caught up in second guessing yourself constantly and also disappointment.

"I think if you expect it to be number one in the singles charts then in this day and age ... I know I'm not gonna be competing with the likes of Rita Ora or Rihanna and Ed Sheeran.

"It's not about that for me it's about people listening to the album as a whole and relating to the music."

Steps - completed by Lisa Scott-Lee, Lee Latchford-Evans, Ian 'H' Watkins and Faye Tozer - reunited for their 20th anniversary last year for a tour and new LP 'Tears on the Dancefloor', which hit number two on the UK chart.

But unlike the '5,6,7,8' hitmakers' comeback album - which was released independently - Claire has been signed to a major label and is honoured to have Sony's backing as she never imagined it was possible.

She admitted: "It's amazing.

"I never thought for a second that this would be happening with a major label.

"I thought that if we did ever manage to do it we would do it like we did the Steps thing and we'd do it independently - but to have the support of a major record company is just incredible and I'm really excited."

'My Wildest Dreams' is released on November 2, lead single 'On My Own' is out now.