Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson launched a revolutionary new aircraft on Friday (28Jan14) and vowed to fly it from "pole to pole" around the world.

pole to pole around the world

The rocker, who is a qualified pilot, invested a chunk of his fortune in the project by Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) to create the helium-filled aircraft which caries cargo and can stay in the air for up to three weeks at a time.

Dickinson branded the invention a "game-changer" and compared it to the futuristic green aircraft featured in kids' TV show Thunderbirds.

The HAV304 is due to make its first flight in the U.K. later this year (14), and Dickinson wants to use it for a headline-grabbing stunt.

He tells Britain's BBC Radio 4, "It seizes my imagination. I want to get in this thing and fly it pole to pole... We'll fly over the Amazon at 20 foot, over some of the world's greatest cities and stream the whole thing on the internet".

Dickinson adds of the aircraft, "It's a game changer, in terms of things we can have in the air and things we can do. The air ship has always been with us, it's just been waiting for the technology to catch up".

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