Brian May has designed his very own sports bra.

Brian May

Brian May

The 72-year-old Queen guitarist has surprisingly stepped into the world of women's fashion after decorating a sports bra with illustrations of guitars, which is currently on sale for £35 through his Brian May Guitars website.

It promises to "salute" his collection of guitars by featuring a mix the different colours available to buy.

The clothing description reads: "Highlighting Brian May's consummate artistic talents, this active wear salutes the entire range of Brian May Guitars with a bright, bold design prominently featuring the united colours of BMG - because it doesn't have to be red to be special!"

Brian also sells the Official Hold Everything BMG Waistcoat and a T-Shirt through his website, and both feature the same illustrations of guitars.

The reversible waistcoat was created to be "gender-fluid" so all Queen fans can enjoy his "rock 'n' roll style".

Next to the sale item, it read: "Brand spanking new for 2020, the official BMG "Hold Everything" Waistcoat (aka "the all-new, Brian May, gender-fluid, everything-pocketed waistcoat"!) combines the maestro's artistic flair, his consummate rock and roll style, and a unique celebration of the entire family of Brian May Guitars instruments.

"Designed to 'keep all your life support essentials on your person' this stylish and functional, open-fronted garment sports a rugged 100% cotton build and renders man-bags and hand-bags redundant with a voluminous quartet of safe and secure, button-down pockets for phones, keys, wallets, cameras, sunglasses, pill-boxes, pens, make-up, lip balm, OWL stereo viewers... plus one extra special "Pick Pocket" dedicated for sixpence coins, naturally!"

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