Brian May has confirmed Queen have been asked to play the Live Aid style Australian bushfires benefit concert next month.

Brian May

Brian May

Amid the devastating fires across the country, a fundraising show was announced earlier this week at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney on February 16.

Promoters TEG Dainty and TEG Live said they were in talks with several global artists and local stars to perform to raise funds for the recovery efforts, and the 'We Will Rock You' hitmakers and Adam Lambert were tipped to headline, as they are due to play the same stadium the night before.

Now, the 72-year-old guitar legend and animal rights activist has confirmed they have been approached for the charity gig and are "carefully" considering the options.

Speaking outside of Parliament in Westminster, London, on Wednesday (08.01.20), the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' hitmaker - who was working to promote Save Me Trust's Amazing Grace Campaign to help save Britain's declining number of hedgehogs - said: "Of course, we are going there very soon, we are looking at it very carefully.

"We have been approached to do a benefit concert, or be part of a benefit concert, a bit like Live Aid, if you like, to try and help out the victims of the fire.

"Of course, I am very concerned about the animals.

"There's 24 people who have died which is a tragedy in itself, but half a billion animals is almost inconceivable."

Brian added that there is nothing official as of yet, because "we don't know what the situation will be in six weeks."

However, they are definitely "looking at doing something like that."

Rock legends Queen - who currently tour with 'American Idol' alumni Adam Lambert on lead vocals - famously performed at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1985 with late great frontman Freddie Mercury.