Boyzone have ruled out becoming holograms.



The group - which includes Ronan Keating, Shane Lynch, Keith Duffy and Mikey Graham - says there are no plans to make themselves or their late bandmate Stephen Gately into a hologram.

Speaking about the news that Amy Winehouse is to be made into a hologram for a tour, Mikey said: "To be honest, I think it's a bit too soon with Amy. There was a Roy Orbison hologram recently and an Elvis thing that did well but that was long after those guys passed by."

Whilst Shane added: "I don't think it's something we would ever think about."

And Ronan quipped: "I suppose we could end up staying at home, like Abba are."

Before concluding: "When we are long gone, maybe - but until then we'll keep doing it ourselves and turn up ... we probably wouldn't get paid otherwise."

The 'No Matter What' hitmakers still want to honour Stephen during their Farewell tour.

Ronan said: "You have to hear his vocals 100 percent off the backing tracks on 'I Can Dream.'"

Whilst Shane added: "We will be paying homage. Even some of the earlier stuff from 1996's 'A Different Beat' or whatever the case maybe, we would love to have Steo's vocals live on stage, so would the crowd."

And whilst this tour marks their last performances together, Ronan insists they are in no rush to wrap it up.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "I can't wait for the tour but we don't have a date yet, it's not like we are finishing in March or April. We have quite a bit of time to decide when the very last shows are - we want it to be something special."