Blue are the new faces of Ideal Boilers.



The pop group - comprised Antony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe - are set to feature in a string of "quirky" TV adverts for the Hull-based boiler company next month for a lucrative fee.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It's not the usual endorsement deal you'd expect from a boy band - but Blue aren't your ordinary boy band. They expect to get some stick but see the funny side, as well as the cash incentive. The adverts will be pretty quirky."

Despite selling over 15 million albums worldwide and having a host of hit singles, including 'One Love', 'All Rise' and 'Too Close' a few years ago all four members of the band filed for bankruptcy and collectively made the decision to liquidate the company they ran on behalf of Blue after they were sued by their management.

Duncan, 40, previously said: "We were sued by our management, who tried to screw us over big time, so we liquidated the company. They went after each one of us at a time."

The band originally separated in 2004 but reunited in January 2011 to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest and have toured on-and-off ever since and released two albums - and despite the group's recent financial issues, Lee, 35, says the boys are "always gonna be around" because they're "brothers".

He said: "The Blue boys are good; we're all working on different kinds of projects. Blue are always going to be around.

"We're brothers, we're not one of those groups that fall out and break-up, we love being with each other and I think we'll continue to be with each other until our legs fall off."