Big Sean has credited Kanye West for "changing [his] life".

Big Sean

Big Sean

The 29-year-old rapper - whose full name is Sean Michael Leonard Anderson - has hailed the 'Famous' hitmaker for his success and for helping him break into the music industry after a chance meeting in 2005 at 102.7 FM radio station , which saw Big Sean perform for "10 minutes" in front of the 40-year-old.

Speaking to Billboard Online about the musician - who has four-year-old daughter North and 21-month-old son Saint with his wife Kim Kardashian West - the 'Dance' hitmaker recalled: "[Big Sean asked Kanye] 'Can I rap for you?' He [Kanye] told me I had 16 bars. I ended up rapping for 10 minutes and it changed my life."

Big Sean was then signed to Kanye's record label GOOD Music two years later.

The American star has hinted prior to meeting Kanye his time studying at the Detroit Waldorf School, where he was forced to write poetry, inspired him to think outside of the box as he was the "only person" to translate his poems into rap music.

Speaking about his education, he said: "It was a school that just specialized in being like in tune with yourself, expressing the artistic side of yourself, the poetic side. So, we did poetry. I was the only person in the school turning those poems into raps."

And now Big Sean has become a successful artist he believes his "greatest honour" is being able to share his tracks and perform to his loyal supporters.

He said: "That's the greatest honour any artist can have is to share that [with your fans].

"It's an energetic exchange of people who got love for you, people who know every single word.

"My fan base is G'd up. You know, they downtown. They think they bosses. They're people who got my back no matter what. They're beautiful people, and I love every single one."

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