Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil is desperate to headline Glastonbury.

Simon Neil at the Q Awards

Simon Neil at the Q Awards

The Scottish rock band last played on the bill of the world famous festival in 2017, but the 39-year-old musician doesn't want to just be another act in the lineup anymore, he wants Michael and Emily Eavis to hand him and his bandmates - James Johnston and Ben Johnston - one of the top spots.

Simon is eyeing the 50th anniversary of the event in 2020 because the trio are going to be busy working on their new album for most of 2019.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the Q Awards at The Roundhouse in London on Wednesday (17.10.18), he said: "We're ready for it, we love Glastonbury, we'd love to do it. I think the next six months to a year we're going to be working on our new album, so I don't think the timing will be right for next year. But it's got to happen."

Simon has started working on a number of songs for the next Biffy Clyro studio LP, the follow-up to 2016's 'Ellipsis'.

The band did release live album 'MTV Unplugged: Live at

Roundhouse, London' this year and have played a lot of acoustic shows which has made Simon keen to get back to playing some loud electric guitars again.

Teasing what direction the next batch of songs will be heading in, he said: "Our next album will be a reaction to the acoustic album, it's going to be like a tight fist. We went on tour for the unplugged record we made, I've played a lot acoustic guitar the past year so I'm ready to plug in and make a racket."

Simon was presented with the Fender Play Award at this year's Q Awards 2018 in association with Absolute Radio.

The 'Howl' singer became the first recipient of the new prize and was recognised for his guitar playing skills. He was presented with the accolade by American guitar legend Duane Eddy, who was a pioneer of the electric guitar in the 50s and 60s.

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