Biffy Clyro plan to release two albums next year.

Simon Neil

Simon Neil

The 'Mountains' hitmakers have been working hard on a musical and movie project but before the visual aspect has been released, they're looking to get back into the recording studio and are looking forward to a "full-on" year.

Frontman Simon Neil said: "We should have two albums out next year.

"A director approached me to make a record and he's making a movie in response to it.

"So we've been collaborating most of the year and he finished the film last week.

"The album should hopefully be out in January and the film in March or April.

"Then we'll be in the studio making the eighth album with Rich Costey in January or February and the sooner we can get it done the better.

"This is what we do! If you're in a band you should be making music. It's going to be a full-on year."

Simon has played guitar since he was young and admitted the instrument helped give him confidence because he was always very shy and struggled to express himself.

He told Q magazine: "When I grew up, my guitar was such an important part of my life.

"I was a bit shy, not great at communication, but as soon as I learned guitar I felt I had a way to express myself.

"It gave me a level of confidence I needed.

"I wasn't great with words. Hopefully I'm better now because I'm meant to be a f***ing lyricist."

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