Biffy Clyro will release new single 'Instant History' tomorrow (20.02.20).

Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro

The Scottish rockers have been teasing fans about the arrival of new music throughout February, firstly they changed their social media profiles to a shade of cyan, and then they sent fans to a URL with 'Instant History' in it.

Now, they've announced the track will be given its first play as Annie Mac's Hottest Record in The World on BBC Radio 1.

Their follow-up to 2016's 'Ellipsis' is due sometime this year and follows their soundtrack LP, 'Balance, Not Symmetry', which came out in May.

Bass player James Johnston said previously: "I think the first half of next year is vague enough! I can tell you that much without getting locked up.

"We've had the' MTV Unplugged' album and this year we had the soundtrack album.

"By the time this record comes out it'll be three albums in three years and I think that's quite a good return."

The 'Wolves of Winter' trio teamed up with director Jamie Adams on the visual project.

Frontman Simon Neil previously said: "We're doing one record for a movie which will be filmed once we've finished it.

"It's this really cool kind of collaboration with this Welsh director called Jamie Adams. He's a fantastic director. He makes some really hilarious movies, but this one will not be funny!"

Meanwhile, Simon and co previously teased the idea of creating the theme tune to a future James Bond film.

When asked if they'd been contacted about the theme for upcoming Bond move 'No Time To Die' before Billie Eilish was unveiled as the singer , Ben said: "No, not yet, I'm pretty sure Ed Sheeran's trying to keep on top of that one, but there is a song on the new album which is quite Bondy, so we'll see what happens."

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